Tupperware Just Opened Its First-Ever Store (In Time for Your Holiday Potlucks)

tupperware store(Credit: Tupperware)

In the ‘90s, a crop of colorful microwavable containers with bright, funny indented pop-up lids became synonymous with leftovers. Your moms, their neighbors and your teachers all likely knew the name of the product: Tupperware, which has since become one of the most iconic household kitchenware brands around the world.

The products spread rapidly especially with the rise of “Tupperware parties,” where people were able to purchase the containers via word-of-mouth or at these gatherings. While Tupperware didn’t have its own namesake store, the brand certainly amassed a cult following. And only in 2019 is it finally venturing into the brick-and-mortar world with its first-ever store concept.

The retail location is called TuppSoho as it’s based in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. (If you happen to be in New York City, you’ll want to bring your moms, your in-laws, and even your partners, because this place is more than Instagram fodder: there’s much to learn too.) Plus, it’s great for any new couple looking to build their registries since meal-prepping, leftovers and the dinner party circuit are all very real.

“Tupperware products are a must for any registry,” Asha Gupta, the chief strategy and marketing officer of the brand, tells The Knot. “Each one is thoughtfully designed to help households reduce time, space and waste… Our solutions are especially great for newlyweds as they start their life together.”

In the store, fans will have a chance to learn how to meal prep (because it’s a skill) to what specific products from Tupperware can presumably extend the life of your produce. And if you want a Costco-like shopping experience, that’s possible too. The store will offer food demos and more. The pop-up will be open through peak holiday shopping season from November 18 through December 22.

Otherwise, start your registry on The Knot and add your favorite products, experiences from a range of retailers.

(Credit: Tupperware)

(Credit: Tupperware)