Couple Who Met in an UberPool Marries in Adventure-Theme Wedding

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)

It was a rainy night in December 2016 when Nick Marzano and Melissa Schipke found themselves waiting for their Ubers to arrive. Marzano, 36, was leaving the office later than usual, while Schipke, 31, had just attended an event in the same Philadelphia building.

While the two strangers stood in the doorway to stave off the rain, a notification popped up on Marzano’s phone that read: “Melissa will be joining your ride.” Ever so observant, he turned to the girl standing beside him and asked, “… Melissa?”

From there, the pair engaged in lively conversation, realizing that they shared more than one mutual friend. In fact, they had even missed meeting each other on at least two separate occasions. The conversation continued as they shared the short trip together, and it ended with both sides agreeing to stay in touch. Shortly after that fateful encounter, the two started dating and two years later on June 2, 2018, Marzano and Schipke married.

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)

Now their “how we met” story gets a five-star rating—all thanks to Uber, which learned of the couple’s love story and decided to play a role in the nuptials by providing free rides to all 145 wedding guests. Check out more details from Nick and Melissa’s travel-themed wedding below.


The socially conscious couple got married at the Merion Tribute House in the Main Line, which they picked because “it’s a gorgeous setting, and checked all of our practical needs.” The space is a non-profit, which worked very much with the ethos of their festivities.

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)


Schipke’s gown was a simple one featuring a deep V-neckline and a strappy open back with angular illusion panels. The satin dress had a full A-line skirt that extended into a sweeping train, ideal for keeping her cute cobalt blue pointed flats partially hidden at times, partially exposed at others. “Rothy’s …flats [are] made from recycled water bottles,” she says. “They are comfy, something blue, and I can throw them in the wash whenever I need to!”

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)


In keeping with their motto to keep things simple, Schipke asked her five bridesmaids to pick a style of long flowing dress from Weddingtonway that best fit their style. The only stipulation she had was that they were in a shade of “whisper grey.”

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)


Marzano wore a custom blue suit and white shirt from Enzo Custom with the wedding date inscribed in the felt under the collar, as well as a gray tie, black shoes, gray pocket squares, and a tie clip. His groomsmen wore a “small spectrum of blue,” meaning that they were allowed to wear any suit they had on the spectrum of lighter than navy to darker than royal.

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)


“Our theme was ‘adventure,’ which we’d probably say captures our love for travel, playfulness, and taking risks,” Schipke says. “Adventure is about picking a goal, defining the path, and being willing to embrace the detours. It’s work and chance.”

The pair even embarked on a massive cross-country adventure last year after tuning a 2017 Ford Transit into a camper. “Working on a project like that brought us really close, and now there’s a lot of open road to explore.” Inadvertently, then, the couple’s colors turned out to be a palette of map-colored neutral tones.

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)


“We kept it pretty minimal,” Schipke says. The couple had a trellis with a wax cone curtain made by the groom’s mother, with a map garland sprinkled. They also had small buckets filled with 150 multicolor paper airplanes placed at the end of seat rows for guests to throw instead of rice or bubbles at the end of the ceremony.

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)


“When they heard about how we met, Uber reached out and generously offered to sponsor our transportation,” Schipke says. “We had a ton of gift cards we handed out to the wedding party and a few other point people, and everyone traveled via a fleet of UberXL black cars from the hotel to the venue, and then back to the after-party.”

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)


When their caterer offered the couple the choice between cake or chocolate-covered strawberries as dessert options, they both “instantly” went for the chocolate-covered strawberries. “By not having cake, we could end the night with Flo Rida’s ‘I Only Came for the Cake,’” Schipke says, “and leave with a good laugh.” The couple also had a cookie table, filled with homemade selections from wedding guests.

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)

(Credit: Lily Jieru Muir / Jieru Photography)


“Know your guest list, know your goals for the wedding (apart from being married), and set your budget before you get some grand vision for the day (maybe you already have one of those…in which case…best of luck),” Schipke tells us. “Maybe also start with the guest list early on. Guests tend to land on your list in groups, not one-by-one… We were very lucky to make it our own.”

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