10 Viral Wedding and Engagement Stories of 2016 That Will Inspire You

natural hair brideThe bride who wore her hair natural with her bridesmaids at her wedding opens up to The Knot about becoming a viral inspiration: “It’s what God gave us,” she says. (Credit: HDC Photo)

Remembering those remarkable moments! Along with some seriously sweet celebrity proposals and star-studded weddings, 2016 was a year filled with awe-inspiring stories of everyday people. The Knot revisits the top 10 viral wedding and engagement stories of the year.

The Bride Who Honeymooned Solo

Bride Huma Mobin was forced to honeymoon alone when her husband Arsalaan Sever Butt’s visa was denied following the couple’s wedding in July. But Huma didn’t let the post-wedding snafu ruin her vacation plans. She took a series of hilarious photos in which she posed as if her husband was by her side, and shared the shots on Facebook. The newlywed’s post resonated with people all over the world, and she told The Knot, “I had fun, but it wasn’t at all the same without him there. I think we hugged for a good 20 minutes at the airport.”

An Emotional Wedding Haka

When New Zealand newlyweds, Aaliyah and Ben Armstrong, were planning their January nuptials, they made it a priority to celebrate their Polynesian heritage. Ben’s best man planned a wedding day haka, which received an emotional reaction. The video went viral and quickly gained over 42 million views.

The Au Naturel Bride

Blushing bride Nakyia Whitty knew she wanted to look like herself when she married her love, Javonte “Jay” Davis.  Rather than changing her everyday look, Nakyia opted to go au naturel for her nuptials in the Dominican Republic. “I love who I am with my hair daily; why wouldn’t it be good enough for my special day?” she told The Knot of her decision.

A Bride’s Wedding Gown Mended by Syrian Refugee

When the zipper malfunctioned on Jo Du’s wedding dress just hours before her wedding, she was unable to find a tailor who could mend the situation. In an act of desperation, the bride asked for help around the neighborhood. To her surprise, a friendly neighbor was hosting a Syrian refugee family, and former master tailor, Ibrahim Halil Dudu, was able to repair her gown.

Wedding photographer, Lindsay Coulter, shared the images on her Facebook page, and the post was met with 35,000 likes. “I wanted to show this man saving the day, and really hoped that his kindness and determination to do a good job came through my images,” Coulter told The Knot in an exclusive interview.

The Breastfeeding Bride

Newlywed Christina Torino-Benton couldn’t have imagined the strong reaction she’d receive to photos capturing her breastfeeding her baby, Gemma, on her June 18 wedding day. She posted the images as a source of encouragement for fellow moms on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page.

“Talk about feeding anytime & anywhere. That moment when you’re getting married and your baby gets hungry,” Christina captioned the photo. “Feeling SO proud of myself! Fighting that good fight!”

The post received thousands of likes and responses from mothers who also breastfed their babies on their wedding days. Of the moment, Torino-Benton’s photographer told The Knot: “I wasn’t like, ‘I need to take a picture of this.’ She’s breastfed in front of me many times. We did our bridal portraits with her feeding Gemma. So it felt like a natural part of the wedding.”

An Emotional Groom

Gabriel and Annabella Deku‘s May wedding was an emotional celebration. The moment Gabriel saw his bride, he was overcome with joy and shed endless tears.

Since the couple’s videographer shared the memorable moment on YouTube, the video has been viewed more than a million times. “Gabriel’s reaction was something we have never witnessed before,” the filmmaker told The Knot in an exclusive interview. “The moment was captivating.”

A Runaway Flower Girl

Children can be unpredictable in the most adorable of ways. When Australian couple, Katie and Tom Quirk, were exchanging vows on their July wedding day, their flower girl, Chloe, stole the show when she decided to take off running.

The video–which was posted on YouTube–has over a million views.

A Harry Potter-Themed Wedding

Harry Potter fans, Stephanie Dodd and Samuel Goetsch, were inspired to plan their May wedding around their favorite Potter moments. They incorporated a (real!) owl ring bearer and Slytherin and Gryffindor house crests into the ceremony.

Harry Potter owl

A ‘Friends’-Inspired Bridal Shower

Bride-to-be Sana Seeham Khan was floored when she walked into her Friends-inspired bridal shower. Although she was aware of the theme, the decor and special touches were a complete surprise. “The most memorable part of the day was probably seeing everyone’s reactions [to] how everything turned out – especially the bride’s,” Sana’s sister, Shamain, told The Knot in an exclusive interview.

Friends Bridal Shower

Bride-to-be Sana Seeham Khan’s friend Michelle Naik and sister Shamain Khan threw her an incredible Friends-themed bridal shower. Credit: Shamain K. Photography

The Refused Engagement Ring Upgrade
Rachel Pederson was inspired to defend her small engagement ring after being urged to trade in the tiny stone for a bigger bauble. She took to Facebook to explain why her ¼ carat diamond was “perfect,” and said no to an upgrade once and for all. The post received over 200,000 likes and nearly 50,000 shares.

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