This Viral Holiday Card Is a Nod to All of Your Single Friends at Weddings

The internet is delighted over one family’s hilarious take on the traditional holiday card—so much that it’s gone viral. (Emily Seawright / Twitter)

At least the internet loves Emily. Thanksgiving weekend is a time for families to share good news over delicious, mouthwatering dishes. For example, with proposal season now in motion, the latest engagements are a hot discussion at dinnertime, in addition to many other life updates involving pregnancies and other large personal milestones.

It’s also a golden opportunity for families to take photos ahead of mailing out their annual holiday cards—and this year, the Seawrights from Whittier, California, have delighted the internet with their comical take on the traditional portrait.

In the photo, three sets of couples hold signs that read “Excited,” “Expecting,” and “Engaged.” And then, there’s Emily.

“My family’s Christmas card this year lmao,” she captioned the photo.

Emily is essentially your single friends at weddings who are placed at tables with all couples. Emily is that sibling who refuses to settle down and simply adores single life. Emily resonates because she is a close friend and family member. As a result, the family’s Christmas card has gone viral after it was tweeted on November 26, garnering nearly 50,000 retweets and over 300,000 likes on the social platform.

“We never expected the media frenzy that our daughter has put us in,” family matriarch Diane Seawright told ABC News on November 27. “My daughter came up with it and we thought it’d be funny. We have so much going on our lives as you can tell by our signs that we were just too busy to think of something else. Reluctantly, we all took part in the signs and here we are.”

Emily was the one to come up with the concept. “She just has a great sense of humor,” Diane added. “I don’t want people to think we’re this cold family that threw our daughter on the side.”

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