Wedding Ring Lost Off the Coast of Spain Is Found… 37 Years Later

Benidorm Island RingA wedding ring that was lost off the coast of Spain 37 years ago was recently found by a scuba diving instructor. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Mystery, solved! A wedding ring that was lost off the coast of Spain nearly four decades ago will soon be returned to its rightful owner.

Agustin Aliaga and his wife, Juani Sanchez, got married 37 years ago on February 17, 1979. Shortly after their wedding, Aliaga lost his wedding band while swimming off the coast of Benidorm Island, Spain, where the item remained intact for decades.

This past summer, a scuba diving instructor came across the ring while exploring underwater off the coast of the island. The diver, Jessica Nisos, brought the ring back home, cleaned it, and embarked upon a journey to find its owner.

The saving grace for Aliaga was that his ring was inscribed with the date of his wedding: Feb. 17, 1979.

Nisos first took to Facebook on August 4 to ask her friends to help her find the ring’s owner — and shared it again on September 5. That post would eventually be shared close to 80,000 times across the social media platform.

“I found a wedding ring diving off the island of Benidorm,” Nisos wrote. “I wish I could give it back to the owner. It has been lost for a long, long time because it was covered in sediment.”

Nisos shared the date engraved in the ring, but left off an important piece of information to ward off scammers; The name “Juani” was also inscribed in the metal.

Word traveled and Aliaga and Sanchez’s niece came across the viral Facebook post. Eerily, the date matched the wedding anniversary of her aunt and uncle, who now reside in the city of Zaragoza in the northeastern part of Spain.

In an interview with Spain’s Heraldo newspaper, Aliaga recalled the very moment when they discovered that their wedding ring was found. “More than the material value, the most important thing is symbolic and emotional,” Aliaga said, “as it is the ring that we were married with.”

The couple will meet with Nisos in their hometown on September 26, to reclaim the ring.

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