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TLC’s What If We Get Married’s Christian, Amanda: “We Really Wanted to Share Our Story”

What If We Get Married InterviewBest friends for over a decade, Christian proposes to Amanda on 'What If We Get Married?'. Credit: TLC

What happens when best friends of 14 years decide to get married? We’re about to find out! TLC’s new highly-anticipated show, What If We Get Married?, premieres Friday, April 1, and viewers are in for some surprises. The show will follow the lives of two couples who, before getting married, had never dated.

One of those couples, 29-year old Christian and 28-year old Amanda live in McKinney, Texas. Although they have been best friends for well over a decade, they had never even shared a kiss before deciding to get married. Now, before the What If We Get Married? premiere, The Knot chatted with the couple about their relationship and why they chose to join the show.

Christian and Amanda met in high school during soccer. Amanda wanted to play with the guys, and Christian and his friend, Micah, talked the other guys into letting her join. “I remember being so thankful!” Amanda tells The Knot. “She was dating a good friend of mine, and my thoughts of her were that of any teenage male: ‘What a pretty, young, athletic, blonde person,'” Christian chimes in. “And on top of that, she seemed cool and liked soccer!”

It’s clear that the couple bonded on the soccer field, but when did their feelings for one another become romantic? “Christian and I are both huge flirts,” Amanda explains. “We always flirted, danced, and he was my ‘plus one’ to many events over the years. We always cared about each other but didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I think he loved me as more than a friend before I had romantic feelings for him, but there were always some type of feelings there. I remember when I was 19, he sang ‘My Girl’ to me at my parents’ Christmas party, and it hit me that he loved me much more than just friends.”

“When we started to hang out in high school is when I developed feelings for her,” Christian shares, “but she was always with someone, so I never pushed my feelings. In fact, I pushed them to the back of my mind thinking that a kid like me would never date a person like her.”

The couple’s decision to get married wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment idea, but it did come as a surprise to their friends and family. “We thought it through for a while,” they tell The Knot, “but obviously not as long as most people do. I think our friends and family were shocked, but many of our friends had mentioned us being together in the past and were very excited.”

Their friends also helped Christian pull off the proposal. “The proposal was so unique and well thought-out,” Amanda recalls. “Christian and I have played soccer together since we were young, and we’ve been going to the same location to play for the past 14 years. On the night of the proposal, I thought we were just going out to play soccer with our friends, but once we got there he spelt out, ‘Marry me’ on the fence and had flowers and the ring.”

“He was so nervous,” she continues. “He started talking to me and asking me about marrying him but was walking away and not facing me, so I could barely understand him! It was very cute. He popped the question and all of our friends cheered and congratulated us after I said yes. It was also our first kiss, so it was incredibly awkward but beautiful at the same time. It was definitely a memorable evening, and we ended up playing soccer for a few hours. We were both filled with so much happiness and adrenaline!”

“It was a secret, because she thought we had just agreed to marry each other and that was that,” Christian remembers of the proposal. “I had other plans. I tried to be somewhat traditional by proposing to her and what better way than having our friends help me?”

What made the couple decide to be on What If We Get Married? “When we were first approached we said no,” they admit, “and we didn’t think much of it. As we continued to hang out as best friends, we knew our feeling were growing more and more for each other, and we thought about everything in depth and what our goals and aspirations were. We had always been there for each other and already felt like family towards each other. We decided that we really wanted to share our story and our journey, and that this would be one of the most unique experiences. It ended up being a wonderful experience, and we wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to do it with.”

Although the What If We Get Married? premiere focuses on the couples’ leading up to their weddings, the remainder of the show will focus on the ups and downs of their marriages. Christian and Amanda tell The Knot that marriage has had a few surprises for them. “Marrying someone you have never really known as more than a friend definitely is an experience in itself,” they admit. “You learn so much when you live with someone, when you share finances with someone, and when you have to make decisions together.”

“We fell right into learning everything about each other on a more personal level in less than a month,” they tell us. “I think marriage is harder than I was expecting… it was definitely a lot in a short amount of time. I think having someone to come home to every night and someone that I can rely on and who is always my number one fan was even better than I imagined, though.”

And did either of them have second thoughts before they said, “I do?” “I never had second thoughts before saying ‘I do,’ Amanda shares. “I was in it for the long haul. I knew what we got ourselves into, and I wasn’t looking back. I was excited and nervous, but I never had second thoughts.”

But Christian’s experience was different. “I did have second thoughts,” he openly shares. “Once we had a discussion before our wedding that raised a flag. I’m also an over-thinker and a very sensitive person. Deadly combo!”

Amanda was surprised to learn just how sensitive her new husband could be after their wedding. “I learned that Christian cries more than any man I have ever met!” Amanda tells The Knot. “It makes me sad when he is sad, so that caught me off guard and caused a lot more emotion that I was expecting. I also learned that he can cook some fantastic Mexican dishes. He is also terrible at mowing the lawn!”

So, would Christian and Amanda recommend taking the plunge for other best friends in similar situations? “My biggest advice to people who are best friends [that] could see themselves as more would be to date for a while first,” they share. “The hardest obstacle is deciding if dating your best friend is worth the possibility of potentially hurting your friendship. If it works, it is the best decision in the world, but if it doesn’t, it could be devastating and hard to rebuild what you once had.”

And will Christian and Amanda be watching their reality unfold on What If We Get Married? each week? “I’ll actually be traveling for at least the first three episodes, so I’ll watch it when I get back.” Amanda tells us. “I have made shirts for our friends coming over to watch the unraveling of our story! I’m curious to see how it all came together, because it was quite the experience.”

What If We Get Married? premieres Friday, April 1 at 9:30 p.m. EST on TLC.

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