‘What If We Get Married’ Episode 2 Recap: Friends with Benefits to Husband and Wife

Mike and Amy in What If We Get Married?Mike and Amy go from friends with benefits to husband and wife in the newest episode of What If We Get Married? Credit: TLC

They did it! The What If We Get Married? couples have officially tied the knot. The April 8 episode brought with it plenty of wow-worthy moments, one of which may leave viewers wondering why one couple got married at all. Let’s take a look at the unforgettable moments from the What If We Get Married? episode, entitled “You Were Standing Right In Front of Me All Along.”

Mike and Amy: After only a month of planning, this couple is getting married. Amy is thrilled her daughter, Riley, will be at the wedding, though she has decided not to be part of the bridal party. “I think they just rushed into it,” Riley admits to What If We Get Married? viewers. But it seems Mike and Amy are positive they’re making the right decision. Mike explains that, two weeks after telling his mom he was marrying Amy, his mother’s cancer spread throughout her body, and she passed away. He’s ready to get married, but he’s missing his mother terribly.

Amy’s oldest son, Brandon, is in Afghanistan with the military. Her youngest son, Nick, is going through “hard times;” both boys are unable to attend the wedding.

Mike carries a white rose down the aisle prior to the ceremony, and places it on a chair in the front row where his mother would have sat.

Amy cries while Mike reads his hand-written vows, and he hugs his bride-to-be. Riley looks awkward and uncomfortable during the nuptials.

“I’m excited to call her my wife… instead of girlfriend or friends with benefits,” Mike tells What If We Get Married? viewers post-ceremony. Riley admits she’s happy for her mom and new step-dad, although it’s “weird” for her.

In another awkward moment, Amy’s maid-of-honor gives a speech. It’s uncomfortable because she once had a fling with Mike, and she is not sure what to say.

After their wedding night, the newlyweds go out for brunch. They disagree on parenting issues; Mike believes Riley should be treated like a young adult and not a child. Following their honeymoon in San Antonio, Mike moves in with Amy. He brings his dog, Cash, but Amy believes dogs should be kept outside. She gives Mike one drawer in her dresser and a small space in her closet for his clothes. It seems there may not be room for both of them in her home.

What If We Get Married? viewers later learn that the newlyweds are hardly speaking just days after their wedding. Mike found photos of Amy’s ex-husband on her laptop, leading to “communication and trust issues.” Mike admits to being a “jealous guy,” and thinks having photos of exes “brings chaos.” Amy claims she didn’t realize how jealous Mike was prior to getting married. She tells viewers she feels they should be in their honeymoon phase. “I don’t feel like I should be this unhappy right now,” she admits.

What If We Get Married wedding

Christian and Amanda got married on May 29, 2015 at the 1899 Farmhouse in Princeton, Texas. Credit: Lauren Renae Photography

Christian and Amanda: On the morning of this couple’s wedding, Amanda is overwhelmed, but she has the support of her friends and family. Her mom helps her prepare for the biggest day of her life. In a touching moment, she puts on her daughter’s veil; she’s clearly happy for her.

Christian isn’t as nervous as he though he may be pre-wedding. “I’m just looking forward to the first day of the rest of my life,” he tells What If We Get Married? viewers. He has a quiet moment with his father, who offers his son a blessing in Spanish.

During the wedding ceremony, Christian’s love for Amanda is obvious. Following his short, heart-warming vows, he says “I love you, bestie.” Amanda follows up with sweet vows of her own. “I’ve been looking for you my entire life,” she tells her soon-to-be husband, “you were standing right in front of me all along.”

Amanda shares that, since Christian’s proposal, she has emotionally prepared for this day. “The cool thing is, in the last month our relationship has built a ton,” she explains to viewers, “so by the time I walked down the aisle, I was so in love with him it was unreal. I’ve never felt that way about anybody.”

Following their wedding reception, the newlyweds get to their hotel room at 1 a.m. After some discussion (and lots of whispering and kisses), Amanda decides to take a shower with her new husband. The next morning, they share that they consummated their marriage. Amanda admits that she “can’t keep her hands off” of Christian, and he appears to be in heaven. He describes their marriage as a “dream come true.”

Due to Amanda’s first soccer game of the season, the couple’s honeymoon is cut short. During the game, Christian talks with a friend about their wedding night. He explains that he’s not disappointed that they waited to have sex until marriage, but he admits that he wishes he had been able to enjoy that aspect of their relationship a long time ago.

Later, Christian and Amanda return to Christian’s family’s home to pack his belongings. He’s emotional, as he’s lived with his family for the past 29 years. Amanda explains that his parents’ house is only 10 miles down the road, but Christian is having a difficult time letting go.

Amanda’s grandmother and sister join the newlyweds for breakfast in their home. Amanda brings up finances, which Christian believes should be a private conversation. Although Christian is planning to begin college full-time along with working and playing soccer, Amanda wants to help financially so he won’t be stretched so thin. Christian is concerned his new wife doesn’t think he can handle a full schedule.

Sneak Peek: On the next episode of What If We Get Married?, Mike grieves the loss of his mother, and his jealousy hits an all-time high when he finds out Amy is talking to her ex. Christian and Amanda disagree about money. Will these couples manage to move past their differences, or are their marriages already doomed?

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