‘What If We Get Married?’ Series Premiere Recap: Meet the Couples

Amy and Mike on What If We Get Married?Amy and Mike have known each other for 16 years before they decide to get engaged on What If We Get Married? Credit: TLC

For many people, it takes what seems like a lifetime to find the love of their lives. But what if “the one” had been there all along? TLC’s What If We Get Married? premiered Friday, April 1, and viewers were introduced to two couples who have decided to skip dating in order to jump right into married life. Let’s get to know the gutsy duos who are throwing caution to the wind.

Mike and Amy: This unlikely pair have known each other for 16 years, and for 13 of those years, they’ve been “hooking up.” At one point, Amy babysat for Mike’s younger brothers. When they began their hook-up relationship, Amy was a young mother and Mike was a party guy. They may have led completely different lifestyles, but the attraction was always there.

Now, at 35-years old, Mike has changed, largely due to his mother being diagnosed with cancer four years ago. He’s ready to settle down with Amy, 38. When they visit Mike’s mother to tell her their wedding news, she couldn’t be happier. “I want her to know that I’m gonna be happy no matter what happens to her,” Mike tells What If We Get Married? viewers.

Amy has three children from a previous marriage. Her two sons are grown; one is estranged. Her 15-year old daughter, Riley, is shocked when Mike and Amy break the news that they’re getting married. At first she seems to go with the flow, but she later decides she doesn’t want to be in the wedding.

Amy’s best friend, Carrie, will be her maid-of-honor. In a surprise twist, viewers find out that Mike once hooked up with Carrie, too.

Amy goes shopping with her mom to find a wedding dress. She wants a “fairytale day” for her daughter, as Amy was first married when she was 16 and pregnant. Amy is concerned her daughter won’t come to the wedding. “If Riley didn’t show up to my wedding, I would be heartbroken,” she admits. Her sons will not be there to celebrate the nuptials.

Later, it’s the day before the wedding, and Amy is “mentally spent.” People are RSVPing at the very last minute, and Amy thinks it’s rude.

Christian and Amanda: After 14 years of being “just friends,” these BFFs are getting married. All those years ago, they met on the soccer field, and Christian was Amanda’s advocate. He let her play soccer with the guys, which solidified their friendship.

During a 9-hour road trip to a soccer trial, Christian, 29, and Amanda, 28, shared their dreams. When they realized their life goals were very similar, Amanda realized she may be in love. For Christian, the romantic feelings had already been there, but he was hesitant to tell Amanda, due to not wanting to ruin their friendship. Amanda had also dated one of Christian’s good friends for several years, making her off-limits.

Although they had never had any romantic involvement with one another, Christian proposed to Amanda. He took her to the soccer field one evening. “You’re the best present that God ever gave me,” Christian told her, “and because of that, I wanna properly ask you to take my hand in marriage forever.” Amanda replied by saying, “of course,” and the couple shared their very first kiss.

When Christian and Amanda tell Christian’s family that they’re engaged, they are happy for the couple. “He got his dream,” his dad tells viewers. “He’s gonna marry the girl he’s loved all his life.”

Unfortunately, Amanda’s mother is not convinced her daughter should be getting married. When the newly-engaged duo go to her home, she’s skeptical about their decision. “I’m hoping this works for you guys,” she tells them, but she admits to What If We Get Married? viewers that she thinks they’re being reckless. She’s very matter-of-fact when she tells Amanda that she should insist on a prenup.

Christian is concerned that signing a prenup is not a good idea. “I’m a person of honor,” he says. “I believe that you’re only as good as your word.” But Amanda has reasons of her own for wanting her husband-to-be to sign the prenup. She explains to viewers that Christian is a kitchen manager at a fast-food restaurant. He is “not a saver,” and Amanda owns her home, so she’s simply protecting herself.

When Christian confides in his father about the prenuptial agreement, his dad says, “In the heart, the money is not a priority.” He just wants his son to be happy.

During a game of soccer with a friend, Christian tells him he’s nervous about sex with Amanda. Although they’ve known each other for well over a decade, they have a lot to learn about each other.

With their wedding days quickly approaching, will these couples make it to “I do?” And if so, will the realities of marriage be too much for them to handle?

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