Whitney Port’s Party Hosting Tips That Every Bridesmaid Needs to Know

Whitney Port for Cheeky

It’s a universal truth that the clean-up is the worst part of any party. There‘s always the option of using disposable plates and cups to cut back on dish duty, but doesn’t it just break your heart a little bit to see a beautiful spread of bite-sized bridal shower desserts being served from underwhelming paper plates? Or bubbly cocktails poured into solo cups? Yeah, us too.

So here’s the good news: Whitney Port, the fashion designer and lifestyle maven (and mom-to-be!) just launched a brand new disposable tablewear line with Cheeky that will give your favorite dishwear a run for its money. Port even shared with us some major time-saving hostess tips that are sure to come in handy when throwing your next engagement party, bachelorette celebration or bridal shower brunch.

Whitney Port for Cheeky 01

First thing’s first: prep. “I’m definitely not a last-minute hostess,” says Port. “I like to prepare everything a day in the advance so I’m not scrambling right before people come over. “

According to the designer, there are four things you can do the night before the event to make your life as a hostess so much easier: tidy up your place; set the table; plan out recipes in advance and measure out ingredients; and make a cheese plate. “People love it when they have food as soon as they arrive, and cheese plates are so easy to make the night before.”

Whitney Port for Cheeky

Whitney Port for Cheeky

Port also suggests setting the scene so guests can feel relaxed as soon as they walk through the door. “Making people comfortable is key,” says Port. “That’s one of the reasons I love the Cheeky collection. When they walk in the door and see disposable, but stylish paper goods, they immediately feel it’s going to be a casual event.”

Fun games to break the ice (and prompt a little blushing) don’t hurt either. “One of the games we played for my sister’s bachelorette was lingerie secret Santa. Everyone got the bride a piece of lingerie and the bride had to guess who the gift giver was based on their taste. It was a way for everyone to be playful and get to know each other’s personalities,” says Port.

Lastly, if you want to elevate your party decor without having to go over budget, Port suggests mixing in regular flatware with disposable plates. “Adding little touches like regular silverware or beautiful flower arrangements will making the event beautiful and cost-effective.”

Whitney Port for Cheeky

Whitney Port for Cheeky


Her colorful new collection will be available from Target starting March 26th, but stock up while you canit’ll only be there for a limited time. And as an added bonus, for every Cheeky item purchased, the brand donates a meal to someone in need right here in the U.S. through Cheeky’s partnership with Feeding America.