Couple Marries at Whole Foods Because the Love of Organic Food Is Real

whole foods wedding(Photo credit: Whole Foods)

Dairy-tales come true! One Whole Foods-adoring couple married at a local store after sharing the impact the popular healthy grocery food chain had on their own love story.

The pair, Ross and Jacqueline Aronson, fell in love while living in New York City, and Whole Foods apparently played an integral role in facilitating their relationship. The couple shared with Today that much of their relationship was spent at their local grocery store, where they would shop for ingredients that would later be included in Ross’ gourmet meals.

The groom even proposed in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina location of the store in February 2017, sparking the idea of a wedding at Whole Foods. “We loved the idea of having an important life milestone happen in a place we constantly go,” the bride told Today. “We know we will be back time and time again, and regardless of the occasion that brings us there, it has no choice but to be special. It will always remind us of an incredible day and significant moment when we made our lifelong commitment to one another.”

(Photo credit: Whole Foods)

With the help of the brand’s marketing team, the Aronsons married in a hyper personalized ceremony at the same location where they got engaged on February 24. The ceremony itself took place in the floral section of the store.

The location manager, Gonzalo Munoz, said the corporate team came up with some clever phrases for the first-ever, in-store wedding, hanging puns throughout the Whole Foods spot that read, “dairy-tale wedding,” “cantaloupe anymore,” and, a favorite, “joined in holy mackerel-mony.”

The reception itself took place in the cafe area of the store, and included dishes like beet-cured salmon, lamb braised in wine and plum sauce, as well as a cake from the store. Of course, there was champagne. The menu was created by the groom himself.

(Photo credit: Whole Foods)

“It was just one of those crazy things that just happened,” Munoz concluded. “We just ran with it.”

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